Captain Archer

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Captain Archer
Race: Decrypted, (Men)
Faction: Gobwin Knob
Class: Warlord
Special: Leadership, Archer
LIAB Text 39.jpg

Proposed Canon

Strengths: Archery

Weaknesses: Unreliable Luckamancy

First Appearance: LIAB Text 39

Captain Archer is an Archer Warlord on the side of Gobwin Knob. He serves as Lady Sylvia Lazarus's second in command when Gobwin Knob's normal leadership is thrown into dissarray. He fires the shot that croaks Artemis. Later, he tries to take Spacerock's garrison by defeating every Jetstone unit they can find.

He is ultimately done in by a combination of Fate and Lady Sylvia's Carnymancy charm redirecting her bad Luckamancy at him. When he goes after King Slately and croaks Count Downer, he is noticed by Jetstone's Dollamancer, Ace Hardware. Ace Hardware proceeds to redirect his attacks at Sylvia to him. He is ultimately dusted by a boulder thrown by one of Ace's cloth golems.


It's unclear, if "Captain" is the character's name, but it probably is just a rank. It would be surprising if the character's full name was just "Archer".

Real World Reference

The name "Captain Archer" is a reference to Captain Jonathan Archer from Star Trek: Enterprise. As of his first appearance in colour on LIAB 86, it seems clear that his physical appearance is based on Scott Bakula, who played Captain Archer in star trek.

This reference is further strengthened in LIAB 98:11. Ziggy is a reference to the supercomputer in Quantum Leap, in which the main character, Dr. Samuel Beckett is also played by Scott Bakula.

The character's clothing and profession are drawn from Archer from Fate/Stay Night.