Byrne the Notist

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Book5 Prologue 1.png
Byrne the Notist
Race: Men
Faction: Ünderclock
Class: Caster (Novice-class Signamancer)

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: Book 5 Prologue 1

Byrne the Notist is a Signamancer of Ünderclock. He admits only being novice-class and popped not that long ago (said on 96 AW). He signed a contract between Ünderclock and Generica with Lady Portia Diesel on 6 AW. With his side being in debt to Generica, he makes an audience to president Edward Westwinghouse on 96 AW hoping to sign a new contract.

Real World References

His name likely refers to the main reason behind his visit to Generica in Book 5 Prologue 1: to bring a burn notice.