Bunny-Don Relationship

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Don King needed Bunny like he needed air.Erf-b3-p61Same-site.PNG His Signamancy didn't allow flight or any travel, but Thinkamancy could indefinitely extended the range of doombats' scouting. He held her in his absolute trust, due to her once saving his life from an assassination attempt by her own lover. Erf-b3-p217Same-site.PNG. Don was comfortable enough to express himself freely in front of Bunny, be it despair Erf-b2-p59Same-site.PNG or fury Erf-b2-pE18Same-site.PNG.

In the final conflict between Don and Caesar Borgata, Bunny's love for Caesar and duty toward her Side compelled her to turn against her king. She used a secret Thinkamancy power to croak Don by cutting his Grandiocosmic String. Erf-b3-p217Same-site.PNG

Bunny : Don King