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Cities 101
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Proposed Canon

Buildings are the empty structures that pop automatically as part of an Erf city. Generally, buildings are thought of as separate from the main defensive structures of a city, such as walls or towers.

While some buildings can be used as barracks or stables, many do not seem intended for use by known Erf units.

The usefulness of building varies, from the clear role played by the slaughterhouseLIAB Prologue 15 in the automated production of provisions, to an ice house that pops ice that goes unused, to the empty courthouse/jail, which could be used but isn't.

Buildings Mentioned

  • Amphitheater LIAB Prologue 15
  • Bank/counting house
  • Smokehouse/Slaughterhouse
  • Courthouse/jail

Cities apparently also pop fountains from which units can drink or in which ornamental fish can be kept.


It is possible that Signamancy is involved with the function of buildings, even ones that seem to have no obvious use. To a casual observer, many of these buildings will be useless, but a Signamancer would see underlying function of each building. The buildings may represent a physical manifestation or reference point for the various mechanics and other city rules of Erfworld and interacting with them in various ways can change their efficacy. Even if the slaughterhouse doesn't actually get used, it represents and facilitates the production of rations. Even the 'useless' buildings may represent a 'passive' bonus (a small bonus that doesn't need be checked on to work) rather than an 'active' bonus (a large bonus that does have to be checked on to work) such as that provided by a slaughterhouse. An amphitheater may influence loyalty while the melting ice of an icehouse may 'preserve' food, decreasing the cost of rations. It is possible that bonuses may stack with each other; that the extra rations produced by a slaughterhouse may stack with the preservation of an icehouse to provide particularly cheap rations.