Buck Nugget

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Buck Nugget
Race: Men
Class: Caster (Dirtamancer)
Rank and Titles: Chief of Stuff, Qualified

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: Hvs.tCF 156

Buck Nugget, Chief of Stuff, is one of the master-class Dirtamancers living in the Dirtamansion. He's seen on the Quorum of the Qualified that was formed after the Battle of Portal Park, sitting to the left of Roger Victor Clarence.


Since he's the one giving orders on Hvs.tCF 203, being contacted by RVC, and sitting on the Quorum in the first place, he would be one of the higher level Dirtamancers and might be one of the leaders of their community.

Real World References

Buck Nugget bears resemblance to the hard rock musician Ted Nugent who's known for the advocacy of hunting and gun ownership rights.