Broadway Tony

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Broadway Tony
Race: Transylvito Vampire (Croaked)
Faction: Transylvito
Class: Warlord
Special: Leadership, Flight, Dance-Fighting

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: TBFGK 104

Broadway Tony was a Warlord in the service of Transylvito.

Tony was a Transylvito Vampire.

He was croaked in battle helping Caesar Borgata retake Chocula. While Caesar attacked the gate with what little siege they had managed to bring, Tony fought the much more dangerous battle in the air against the wall defenders to cover Caesar's attack. Tony led some Goyles, Thunderbirds and Firebirds most of whom were killed. Tony was able to maintain his attack long enough for Caesar to break down the gates. Caesar said Tony was a good man that they really couldn't afford to lose and he may be bitter over the sacrifice of a good soldier for a dubious cause.


Tony may have been one of the dance-fighting warlords from the battle near Faq.

If his name is associated with West Side Story and Broadway productions it would make sense for him to dance-fight. Two warlords were killed in the battle near Faq and there were only two as yet unnamed male warlords remaining. One was a shorter and very stout bald vampire in a suit and the other actually resembles the character Tony from West Side Story.

Real World References

The Tony Awards are the awards given for excellence in American theatre, which is dominated by the shows that run on Broadway in New York City.

Tony is also the name of the lead character of West Side Story, a hit Broadway musical based on Romeo and Juliet, set in 1950s New York. The battle near Faq featured music and choreography from the show, which won a Tony award for choreography. One of the two unnamed male vampires following the battle actually resembles Tony.

Tony is often a popular name for an Italian gangster, for example it is the first name of one of the Sopranos.