Box of Tricks

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First Appearance: IPTSF Text 39

A magic item used by Haffaton. It has the appearance of a crystal coffin, and contains a mattress and a white satin pillow.

The Box was created in a link-up between Maxwell and Wanda. It was intended as an aid to Turnamancy and an alternative to the use of Heroine Buds.IPTSF Text 54 Besides controlling what the captive experienced, it also granted the controller an improved sense of the captive's body. This improvement is still inferior to a Croakamancer's natural sense of bodies.IPTSF Text 57

It failed to Turn Jillian, and was destroyed by her during her escape attempt.IPTSF Text 44

Known Effects

Through laying a hand on the Box and issuing a Command, Wanda was able to induce the following:

  • Being pressed down by an incredible force.IPTSF Text 39
  • Intense hunger.IPTSF Text 41
  • The sensation of freezing.IPTSF Text 42
  • The sensation of itching.ibid
  • Intense thirst.ibid
  • Aural hallucinations (screaming).ibid
  • Constant spinning.ibid
  • Total aural/visual deprivation.ibid

Real World References

The Box is visually similar to the Glass Coffin in the story Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.