Book of Patches

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Proposed Canon

First Mentioned: Hvs.tCF 307

The Book of Patches is a book within the Book of Retcon, and therefore a part of Scripture.

Chapter 11 describes rules concerning the capturing of a ruler on the ruler's side's turn.


Chapter 11: Erf-b3-p307Same-site.PNG
1 If the ruler of a side (A) is captured on their own turn, side A's turn will continue until all of A's units are out of move, or A's natural end of turn comes.
2 The captor side (B) may end side A at any time by executing the captured ruler, but may wish to show mercy, or to use this time to negotiate the ruler's release.
3 As a prisoner, the ruler may take no action, but may attempt escape.
4 Units of side A can, may, and should use their last actions to attempt to rescue and repatriate the ruler.
5 In the view of the Titans, this is Only Fair.


Real World References

In the context of computer software, a patch is a change made after the program's initial release, usually to fix a bug or newly-discovered exploit.