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Proposed Canon

First Mentioned: Hvs.tCF 153

The Book of Fabian is a book within the Book of Retcon and a part of Scripture.

Chapter 4 of this book, verses 11 through 20 state that any unit who strays too far from their Number will be punished by the Titans and must repent. Adherents of Royalism interpret these verses to mean that units should never go above or below the station they were popped with.


Chapter 2: toolbox blogpost
9 To the units of the world, the Titans forbade no knowledge.
10 For to learn is to grow, and to grow is to level.
11 But no flower may grow greater than its garden.
12 And in the garden of reason, what fruit grows grandest oft is harvested first.

Chapter 4: Erf-b3-p153Same-site.PNG
11 For the Titans made each unit, each Warlord, each Caster, each Ruler, according to their Number.
12 To stray far from one's Number is to sin.
13 To sin is to err.
14 To err is to invite foul consequence.
15 To suffer foul consequence is to perform a penance.
16 Within each penance, the Titans offer temptation.
17 To the unit, it may seem that deliverance from consequence might come by straying further from their Number.
18 Resist the temptation, remain penitent, return to your Number, and you shall be redeemed.
19 Embrace the temptation, flee the foul consequence, and you shall be destroyed.
20 Seriously.


The chapter 4 verse ends with the word "Seriously.", but it is unclear whether this means to stress the importance of this verse, or to sarcastically refute it.

Real World References

The number of verses in chapter 4 might also be a reference to a different meaning of 4:20.