Book of Buddy

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Proposed Canon

The Book of Buddy is a book of philosophy. It advises a balance between the sword and shield, one to conquer, the other to protect.


(Chapter and verse numbers not specified.) Erf-b3-p39Same-site.PNG
For a King or a Warlord may cut a fine swath by sword, and yet still they may fall to an enemy blow.
Or a King or a Warlord may hide behind walls, safe from the weapons of their enemies, and yet still they may starve and depop.
But the King or Warlord who goes forth, sword in one hand to conquer, a shield in the other to protect, shall both progress and conserve, and therefore prosper, whatever their Luck may bring.
Wisdom stands with one foot on either side of the bell curve.


This book is presumably a section of the Book of Canon