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After Hvs.tCF 243, Isaac's body is prancing in a veil, while his mind manifests as a glowing ghoul amid the Grandiocosmic Strings. He is thinking in blank verse:

  • "that one is a battlefield" = Battle for Castle Lilith
  • "twice entwined by the Titanic" = Lilith was bound first to the Arkendish, then the Arkenpliers
  • "the Delusionist" = Charlie the Carnymancer
  • "fought inside her, to bind her again" = Page 93
  • "the Nothingmancer" = Wanda the Naughtymancer
  • "answered, she sees through her strings" = Page 92
  • "follow those strings, and we see through the eyes of her notional mistress" = Isaac follows Lilith's string back to Wanda
  • "follow her eyes, and we see what lies she is shown" = Page 263
  • "by the Wizard of Flaws" = a pun on Wizard of Oz, aka Charlie
  • "follow his lies, to the strings, to the eyes... of the ones that he binds" = Isaac follows Charlie's projection to the Archons' strings
  • "slice through those ties, and we render him blind" = Isaac croaks the Archons, like on Page 210