Book 3/Page 82/Transcript

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Maggie: There are some signs of Hobbittm field activity there. Heavies spotted aground.

Parson Gotti: Okay, let's shift the new pink from Dwagoncon down to Unatard, and widen the patrols west next turn.

DAY 13

Maggie: Yes, Lord.

Parson: And what do you hear from Stanley latey?
How's he doing with that tower?

Maggie (off panel): "Almost suspiciously well, Lord.
He hasn't sent so much as an inquiry in three turns."

Parson (off panel): "Okay, well. Check in with him tonight, if we don't hear anything."

Parson (off panel): "Oh, and check this out.
Janis gave me a new notebook."

Maggie: Very nice, Lord. Of course, it's still subject to Lookamancy scrying, if you use it here...

Parson: I am using it here.

I've got ten pages of notes down on Hippiemancy and Carnymancy.

Parson: See?

Maggie: I see... only incomprehensible scribbles, Lord.

Parson: Yeah, it's a Signamancy item.

Parson: What I write is only legible to me.

Maggie: I should think your ordinary handwriting could accomplish that much on its own, Lord.

Parson: Except for the 'legible to me' part, yeah.