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Caesar Borgata, Chief Warlord of Transylvito, was last seen getting drunk in Transylvito's catacombs, after leading the Court in its refusal to let Don make a loan to King Slately. (Book 2 Epilogue 19)

The warlords with Caesar are Leather Valese (the male in the white tanktop), Dewy Tulips (the brunette in the dark skirt and jacket) and presumably Rosetta or Cheri (in the red dress, mentioned in passing in Book 2 Text 3 and seen during the Court's Refusal in Book 2 Page 59).

The figure holding the croupier's rake is a doll or possibly a moll.

Aqua Velva was last seen when Jillian was being escorted to meet Don, following the events of the Battle for Gobwin Knob. (Book 1 Epilogue 14)


Greasemonkey is a nickname for mechanics and engineers.

Mansquatch is partial reference to the cryptid sasquatch, and to a joke that occurred in the IRC chatroom.

Thunderbird is most famously a model of car, as well as an email, newsgroup, news feed, and chat client from Mozilla. They were previously mentioned during the retaking of Chocula in Book 2 Prologue 26.

Al Frappacino was the Warlord managing Aqua Velva. (Book 1 Epilogue 13)