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Countess Artemis, decrypted archer and the commander Parson left in charge of the Gobwin Knob units garrisoned in the Magic Kingdom, was last seen escorting Parson and the linked Ace, Maggie and Sizemore to the Temple of the Thinkamancers. (Page 56)

Count Downer, second in command to Artemis, was last seen keeping Jojo restrained during the escort back to the Temple. (Page 56)

Jojo Jeftichew, barbarian Carnymancer formerly of Unaroyal, was last seen offering to answer any questions Parson had in exchange for being told "What happened to Sylvia?" (Page 56) before being turned away in a highly visible manner at the edge of the Thinkamancer's territory, while passing notes with Clarence in a very discreet manner. (Page 57)

Janis Atlantis is holding Jojo's hand, and was last seen wondering what she'd unleashed on the Magic Kingdom as Parson revealed the troops he'd gotten into the MK for the first time. (Book 2 Page 114)


Bunny Velvetino, Thinkamancer for Transylvito, was invited into the Magic Kingdom and to the Temple of the Thinkamancers at Parson's behest, as a part of his diplomatic outreach program. (Page 66) Great Minds that Think Alike were opposed to the idea, as they had previously labeled her a Baddie (Page 60) and had exiled her as a pariah. The initial meeting was rough, but inconclusive. (Page 67)

The Carnyvale was featured towards the end of the Digdoug Backer Story. (Digdoug 20)

The second castle Parson is leading the troops to, and meeting Jojo at, is the Glade of the Hippiemancers.

The Hippie by the flowerpot is the Leonard Nimoy/Spock caster, previously seen pinching Parson's neck (Book 1 Page 140) and leading some sort of class (Book 1 Page 141).