Book 3/Page 69/Transcript

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Lilith: Back in the loving arms of Charlescomm...

Quinn: After that stunt? You'll be lucky if any pieces of you make it to Charlescomm.

Daria: Don't even start. Just save it til turn's end.

Archon: Light's out, traitor.

Mean Girl? Archon: Heh.

Blonde Mean Girl? Archon: Last hex. Get into your Rain-ment.

Brunette? Mean Girl? Archon: Aw, she's got filthy stains all over her! Black and red...

Blonde Mean Girl? Archon: Clean her up for Charlie.

Brunette? Mean Girl? Archon: Yeah! Rip it off!

Archon: Gimme that, you fake flying corpse!

Archon: Two-timer!

Archon: Uncroaked little witch!

Archons (singing): O Charlescomm! The greatest side!
From there we travel far and wide!
To conquer none, but bleed them dry!
Fly, Charlie's Archons, fly!

Golden wings on powder blue!
Best in class, by peer review!
We give our lives and hearts to you!
We love you Charlie! Yes! We! Do!


We love you Char-leee!
Oh yes we dooo!

We love you Char-leee!
And we'll be truuue!

When you're not near us, we're bluuuuue! (we're always blue!)

We love you Char-leee!

  • We!
  1. Do!![1]