Book 3/Page 56/Transcript

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Parson: I didn't know you were from Unaroyal, Jojo.
Sorry about that,[1] I guess.

Jojo: All in the game, my friend.

But there are any number of things I know which might be of more interest to you than that.

And what I want to know is such a minuscule thing...

Jojo: Militarily insignificant! Surely you'd be willing to trade it for some information of greater worth?

Parson: Just, 'what happened to Sylvia?'

Jojo: Anything and everything about her service with your side, up to and including her ultimate fate, would interest me.
As I say, it's a personal quest.

The Lady Sylvia meant quite a lot to my foolish heart.[2]

Parson: Okay, you work for Charlie. You wanna tell me about that?
About him?

Jojo: Certainly!
Within the, ah... limits of nondisclosure, of course.

Which--you can imagine--are fairly strict...

Parson: Right. Um...
What about Carnymancy in general, then?
Its powers?

Jojo: Why, yes! I'd be happy to teach you something of my noble discipline!

Parson: And pinkie swear to tell me the truth about it?

Jojo: ... if you deem it necessary, but--

Roger: That's far enough, Carny.

Parson: Pretty busy right now, Jojo.
But we'll talk.