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Count Downer is a warlord previously in the service of Jetstone. He led the charge into the Atrium with King Slately (Book 2 Page 95), and was croaked by Captain Archer (Book 2 Page 98). Following that, he was made second-in-command of the Decrypted stationed in the Magic Kingdom, and was last seen at the staff meeting Parson held the night after taking Spacerock (Book 2 Epilogue 17).

Artemis is a warlord previously in the service of Jetstone, croaked after engaging Sylvia in Spacerock's courtyard (Book 2 Text 52). She was decrypted (Book 2 Epilogue 1) and last seen at the staff meeting (Book 2 Epilogue 17).

Jojo Jeftichew is a barbarian Carnymancer, formerly in the service of Unaroyal. He tried to convince Parson to use a scroll during the tunnel run (Book 2 Page 62) and was last seen trying to incite the a riot against Parson among the casters of the Magic Kingdom (Book 2 Page 114).


Some of the Casters gathered around the portal include:

One who looks like a Nylint Toy's "Men of Steel" action figure
A Pierrot clown
The band Daft Punk
Jack from the Jack in the Box fast food chain
Fester from the Addams Family