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The Ansom-bassador plan is an extension of Parson's push for diplomacy following the Spacerock debacle. More specifically, by allowing him to be the Gobwin Knob delegate to Jetstone and Faq. (Page 41)

I trust all of Parson's plans was not the case during Book 1, but after uncroaking the volcano Wanda started going out of her way to get Parson's seal of approval on key engagements. (Mentioned in Book 2 Prologue 23 and seen on Book 2 Page 5)

First to admit hearkens back to Book 1 Page 124 and Parson's explanation of strategy. "Holy crap, guys! Plans do fail."

By fool-proof, Jack refers to how his helpful suggestion almost ruined Parson's plans for aiding the battle of Spacerock. (Book 2 Page 70)

Ansom's past efforts were overzealous proselytizing, leading to Unaroyal disbanding itself (Book 2 Prologue 22) and making a terrible impression on his brothers. (Book 2 Page 3)

Again, Ossomer's turning was on Book 2 Page 73.

CLAQ is a portmanteau of clack and Faq, and further references Faq's colors.

He has already passed that test by tackling Jillian, who he had once loved, off a megalogwiff on Page 22.