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Tramennis: The Book of Fats, second in the Book of Canon, tells us that the Titans did fashion ninety-nine Kings and Queens by their own hands.
And of these is known to be Queen Lunesta, who ruled Unisom, and who begat Queen Ambien, who begat King Dairious the First, who ruled Cheeseburg. And Dairious begat King Alvin, who founded Woodshole, and he begat King Theodore, who begat King Simon, who founded Graceland and begat Queen Corian, who begat Queen Meganite, who founded Swanstone. And she begat Old King Coal, who founded Jetstone.
And for twice longer than the reign of all of those Rulers combined has Jetstone stood upon this hill, and prospered as a beacon of Titanic truth and wisdom.[1]

I reckon that's worth something.

I think it's time we got back to basics.
I think it's time to remind ourselves of where we come from, and that we're not going anywhere.

Tramennis: This is a time for wisdom, which flows from the Titans.
Our actions will follow.

Bring forth the prisoner.

Tramennis: Before I give her over to the custody of Charlescomm, I would hear her speak.