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Parson: See what I'm saying?
Ansom didn't really protect against a stab up the middle like this.
We're kinda overcommitted. Weak in the interior.

Jack: And the relays are in disarray...

Parson: That's what really hurts us, yeah.

We cant move in Wanda, or get enough other leadership in place to matter.

Parson: That's just a really big air force she's packing. Heavy leadership.

Jack: The Knights* could reach.

Parson: Nah.

You can't leave the Tool unguarded like that.

NARRATOR: *The Knights In Stanley's Service, based in the City of Gobwin Knob.

Jack (off panel): "Well, I was thinking more of sending him with them.

Arkenhammer, and all."

Parson (off panel): "Yeah, unthink that.
We don't risk Stanley in the field."

Parson (off panel): "It's suicide. Like moving your king into the center of the board. If he goes, the side goes.

Charlie would love that chance.

No, we need something better."

Parson: It's just we literally have nothing close enough to reach.
Nothing that'll stop her, anyway.

Or wait...

Parson (off panel): "We do have one asset in the immediate area. Kinda.
Hey, Maggie?"

Maggie (off panel): "Lord?"

Parson (off panel): "Get Wanda in here, willya?"