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Part III "Confidentiality and Disclosure" shall consist of the transfer of one (1) city from the Party which committed the breach to the other Party. The choice of city is left to the compliant party.

4. Remedies

In the event that a breach or default of the agreement seems unavoidable or desirable, either Party may propose an alternative remedy. If both signatory units are in full agreement, then the remedy may be adopted in place of a penalty, by means of an amendment to the agreement.

Part VII - Severability

The Parties agree that breach or default of any part of the agreement shall not constitute a termination of the entirety of the agreement. Obligations, restrictions and penalties shall remain in place for the duration of the agreement, even in the event of a breach or default of one or more of its parts.

Part VIII - Transferability

1. The agreement stands between the Parties and remains in effect so long as those Parties remain viable sides, including in the event of loss or transfer of capital city, loss of all cities without loss of ruler, and loss of ruler where an heir becomes ruler.

2. Should either Party be defeated utterly, or subsumed into the empire of an outside party but remain a colony, then the agreement is rendered void and the conquering side or empire shall not be bound by the terms of the agreement.

3. Neither Party may transfer their obligations or restrictions under the agreement to another party, under any circumstances, including prior agreements made by either Party.

4. Except as previously noted, the agreement does not extend to sides which are not a Party to this agreement.

Part IX - Entirety of Agreement

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to its subject matter and constitutes and supersedes all prior agreements, representations and understandings of the parties, written or oral.

Part X - Actions Not Considered

Whereas, the Parties recognize the other as a sovereign side, the agreement shall not consider the actions of trade, alliance, diplomacy, or any agreements with other parties with regard to their effect on the other Party under the terms of the agreement, except as previously noted.

Part XI - Authorized Signatures

THUS the agreement is activated and executed by the will of the Parties:

Charlie (signature)
Charlie, Overlord, for CHARLESCOMM

Parson A. Gotti (signature)
Parson Gotti, Chief Warlord, for GOBWIN KNOB