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You could pull a Jack refers to Book 2, Page 68, when Jack Snipe stuck his head through Spacerock's portal without fully crossing through to see what was keeping Parson.

The Magic Kingdom has considered itself sacrosanct from battles of the outside world for as long as anyone can remember, so anything that threatens the Magic Kingdom's neutrality is something the residents consider a grave offense.

We're too poor right now, anyway. Specifically, Gobwin Knob's treasury stands at around eighty-eight thousand shmuckers, after the penalties incurred by Lilith's actions immediately following her repatriation. (Page 98)

Try your thing refers to Wanda's ability to see through the eyes of decrypted units that have natural thinkamancy. (Book 2, Epilogue 8)

H.E.A.T. is an acronym for High Explosive Anti-Tank ammunition.

POW is textually and visually a reference to the POW blocks from the Super Mario Bros franchise. When hit, they would shake the ground and damage all enemies not in the air.