Book 3/Page 11/Transcript

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Maggie: Time please, lord.

We must attend.

Parson: Got it.

Shutting up.

Ansom: Mistress, how may I serve?

Red Text: Serve Fate well

Maggie: Tell us her mind.

Red Text: her intent.

Ansom: She will return to Faq, after attacking Orgchart and Warchalking.

She does not plan to take any other cities, and cannot take any more prisoners.

Wanda: Tell us her heart.

Blue Text: I can see yours

Ansom: She claims to love me.

Blue Text: love cannot be claimed

it claims us

Wanda: Does she?

Wanda: Did she take you from me because she loves me?

Ansom: I don't know, mistress.

Wanda: Does she love me?

Blue Text: he loves you

Ansom: Perhaps, I do not know.

Blue Text: armies do

Ansom: But that would be a clearer matter, were she to be popped again.

Blue text: nor is that enough for you

Wanda: Can you claim her for me? Have you the will?

Blue Text: undeniably

Maggie: He does.

Blue Text: I can see it now

Ansom: Mistress, I shall try.

I will-

Sound effect: TOO-TOOOOT!