Book 2/Page 92/Transcript

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Chief Warlord Parson Gotti: So everything we have depends on one, extremely vulnerable unit.

But we haven't veiled that unit, because...?

Jack Snipe: Because she believes it isn't her Fate to perish here.

Chief Warlord Parson Gotti: In other words, because she's crazy and nobody stands up to her.

Put a cheap baffle on your stack, at least. Do it now.

Jack Snipe: Aye.

Chief Warlord Parson Gotti: And yet, Jetstone hasn't attacked her yet.

And that's because...?

Jack Snipe: Foghat.[1] Fool for the city[2].

Because... it wouldn't be Noble.

Chief Warlord Parson Gotti: Right, because the enemy is crazy too.

Got it.

Jack Snipe: Indeed. As a sane man, you are badly outnumbered again, my good Lord.

Perhaps you should defect, and join us all.

Chief Warlord Parson Gotti: Mn. Yeah.

You're sure they won't attack before parleying?

I mean they completely have us.

Jack Snipe: Yes. And that is why.

Jack Snipe: They will offer you some perfunctory, unacceptable surrender terms.

When you refuse, they will feel justified in shooting us all down.

Chief Warlord Parson Gotti: Like what terms?

Jack Snipe: Oh, offering Lord Stanley the chance to disband us first.

Or perhaps offering to buy us all from him for ten Schmuckers?

An insult-to-injury sort of thing, masquerading as mercy.

Chief Warlord Parson Gotti: Okay.

Well... then that's when we get them.

Jack Snipe: When we get them, Lord?

Chief Warlord Parson Gotti: Yeah.

I do see an exploit here. But we need Wanda alive.

Chief Warlord Parson Gotti: It involves turning this battle into a food fight.

Jack Snipe: I see. Well! Bravo, Lord!

T'was a splendidly speedy defection.