Book 2/Page 90/Transcript

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Narrator: King Slately's Stateroom Spacerock, Capital of Jetstone

King Slately: By whatever odd means... yes, Queen Jillian did save us.

King Slately: I thank you for sending her to our aid.

Don King: Hey.

Don King: You're welcome.

King Slately: But I must confess, Don: even now, my feelings about the Barbarian Queen are ambivalent.

King Slately: She held a long parley with the great enemy witch, then left the city without engaging.

King Slately: It strikes me as deeply suspicious.

King Slately: As does that turn-ending spell.

King Slately: That was no ordinary Turnamancy that she-

Don King: Slately.

Don King: I'll talk to her.

Don King: How 'bout you just forget about her and focus on finishing this thing?

King Slately: Yes, I shall.

King Slately: My remaining son will be here presently, to lead the final slaughter.

King Slately: By the Titans' will.

Don King: Yeah. Tramennis. He did a number on Stanley's ground forces, didn't he?

Don King: Strikes me as a good general, in general. Heh.

King Slately: I suppose.

Don King: Guess you never seemed too keen on him, though.

King Slately: He was never much lead, I guess.

King Slately: He is not an heir. We'll have none, for sixteen more turns.

King Slately: We haven't the Schmuckers to designate him. Our treasury has been emptied by this fight.

King Slately: I've had to disband some garrison units in outlying cities, and may raze one of them for upkeep.

Sound Effect: NOCK NOCK

Jetstone Guard: Sire?

King Slately: As it is, we've had most field units wasting move hunting and foraging.

King Slately: We have harvested three Sourmanders we can scarce afford to spare.

King Slately: With the end of this fight, we may finally-

Jetstone Guard: Sire?

King Slately: Yes what is it!

Prince Tramennis: It's me, Father!

King Slately: Oh, uh, farewell, Don.

King Slately: Break.

Prince Tramennis: Home from the war!

Prince Tramennis: Well, not really, the war's here too, of course.

Sound Effect: FLARF[1]

Prince Tramennis: But just guess who I found out is running it?