Book 2/Page 51/Transcript

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Prince Tramennis: They're going around.

Prince Tramennis: Tell the King that Ossomer is leading them in. He'll skirt the field archery and likely reach the airspace untouched.

Nothing we can do.

Jetstone Soldier: Yes, Highness.

Prince Tramennis: And add, "I love you, father."

Ossomer: We're not traveling under veil?

Wanda Firebaugh: No.

Ossomer: *hem*


If we wish to attack the tower and King Slately, we must first take control of the airspace...

Ossomer: The opposing force is significant, and Faq has no heir yet.

It would therefore seem advisable to apply the same decapitation plan to Faq first.

Go in under veil, croak the Queen, and allow Faq's forces to disband.

Wanda Firebaugh: No.

Ossomer: No?

Wanda Firebaugh: We can't waste the last of the Foolamancer's juice.

And Faq will not fight.

Ossomer: ...What?

Wanda Firebaugh: I will parley with the Queen.

Wanda Firebaugh: She will then break her alliance with Jetstone.

Ossomer: Commander...I have spoken with Queen Jillian.

She seemed solely motivated by her desire to croak Stanley the Tool. Fixated. To the exlusion of all else.

Wanda Firebaugh: No, her motives are more complicated than that.

I know exactly which carrots and sticks she will respond to.

Ossomer: I...see.

Ossomer: And which do you plan to use?

Carrot or stick?

Wanda Firebaugh: I don't yet know.

Wanda Firebaugh: But in her case, they are often interchangeable.