Book 2/Page 45/Transcript

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Prince Tramennis: She really croaked him.

Prince Tramennis: You saw it?

She turned him into a little puppet?

Like Ansom?

Jetstone Warlord: Yes, Highness. It was vile.

Jetstone Soldier: Highness?

Prince Tramennis: The fate of the world shall be such as the world deserves.[1]

Jetstone Soldier: Your Highness...

Prince Tramennis: But not so with each one of us.


Jetstone Soldier: Message from the King.

Prince Tramennis: Hold it up for me.

I'm all schmutzed up.

Prince Tramennis: I'm Chief Warlord, brilliant.

Prince Tramennis: Can't even scratch my nose, but I'm leading the army.

Right, message him back.

Prince Tramennis: Tell King Slately: Ossomer should be considered turned.

Everything he knew, the enemy knows now. Say please advise.

...Then scratch my nose.

King Slately: She took another of my sons.

Queen Jillian: I'm sorry.

King Slately: That means she knows everything.

She knows you are here.

Queen Jillian: Yeah, I know what it means.

Queen Jillian: Okay then.


At least she won't come in swinging.

She'll want to talk first.

Queen Jillian: And, for the record, King? She doesn't know everything.

She only knows what I told you.