Book 2/Page 42/Transcript

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Stanley the Tool: Annnd one Jetstone Warlord goes away...

Stanley the Tool: Annnd one new Warlord for us comes out of the box.

Stanley the Tool: He's a good one too.

'Nother Prince!

Parson Gotti: That was definitely more direct, I'll give her that.

Parson Gotti: How's Jack?

Maggie: Incapacitated.

One moment...

Parson Gotti: Still?

I thought they had a few Healomancy scrolls.

Maggie: Mm. Given that certain scrolls are becoming harder to obtain, Lady Firebaugh is requesting permission to croak the Foolamancer and animate him as well.

Parson Gotti: Seriously?

God damn...

Parson Gotti: Are we sure she didn't recover that Sword of Ruthlessness or something?

Maggie: Why would she need it, Lord?

Stanley the Tool: I'm thinking...

I might... tell her no.

Parson Gotti: ...


Stanley the Tool: She's been a little out of hand, lately. I think.

Don't you?

Parson Gotti: Well, yeah...

Parson Gotti: And it's a bad idea, anyway.


Forget that it's cruel, heartless, and evil, there's still probably about twenty other reasons to say no to it.

A big one being, "we don't know if he'd still be able to cast or not."

Parson Gotti: She knows that.

Or she wouldn't be asking permission.

Stanley the Tool: Yeah.

I don't think I want a Caster that's...

...whatchacallit, Decrypted, anyway.

Stanley the Tool: Plus, I kinda like that guy.

Say "permission denied."

Parson Gotti: Good call, Tool.

M'gonna run new numbers before she bugs me again.