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Ansom: What was your contingency plan, were we to breach your hex, or bypass it somehow?

Prince Ossomer: She is evil, brother.

You can see that.

Ansom: What was it?

You must have had one.

Prince Ossomer: You knew good from evil once.

Surely you have not forgotten all.

Ansom: Ossomer, if you turn, you can save many lives.

There is great good in that.

Prince Ossomer: Or you could save them all.

Turn back.

March home.

Ansom: I have.

I am home.

Ansom: The Titans have returned me to my brothers, and soon to my father.

I am here to correct Jetstone's course.

The whole world's course

Prince Ossomer: You are not following the Titans, Ansom.

Only a clever witch.

This is goodbye.

Ansom: What-


Prince Ossomer: Eyurk!

Ansom: What have you done!

Wanda Firebaugh: We haven't time.

I would have given you the duty, but she was close to leveling.

Ansom: This was wholly unnecessary!

Ossomer: I...

Wanda Firebaugh: Tell me the disposition of Coalition forces in the battlespace.

Starting with any reserves, or major tactical surprises.

Ossomer: Yes.

Ossomer: There is... a massive column of heavies and infantry half a turn's march beyond the city.

It was hoped we could delay you...


Ossomer: Forgive me, I am confused.

Ansom: Ossomer...

Wanda Firebaugh: What else?

Ossomer: Flyers. In the Garrison.

Nine Unipegataurs, a few Orlies, and a special force.

Twenty-six gwiffons, six megalogwiffs, a Caster of some sort.

Ossomer: They are led by the Queen of Faq.