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Narrator: Parson Gotti, a.k.a. Lord Hamster.

Maggie: Negotiations are going rather poorly, I'm afraid.

Parson: Shocker.[1]

Narrator: He was magically summoned to Erfworld from a strange and pointless reality called "Earth".

Narrator: In the seventy-two turns since that happened, he has led only one major battle.

Narrator: It was a pretty good one, though.

Narrator: Alone and vastly outnumbered, Parson successfully defended the city of Gobwin Knob against a coalition of Royal sides.

Led by Prince Ansom of Jetstone.

Narrator: His tactics were unorthodox...

But you can't argue with results.

Narrator: Unless you're Stanley.

Narrator: Since the Battle for Gobwin Knob, Stanley the Tool has preferred to use Ansom as his Chief Warlord.

Narrator: This option was only made possible by his Chief Croakamancer, Wanda Firebaugh.

Narrator: Fulfilling a bit of Predictamancy from long ago, Wanda recovered the Arkenpliers after the battle.

Narrator: Like Stanley's Arkenhammer, they are one of the tools used by the Titans of Ark to build Erfworld.

Attuning to the pliers allowed her to "Decrypt" the fallen enemies, restoring them to life and placing them under her complete control.

Narrator: Ansom and Wanda then led this powerful new army far afield, meeting little resistance.

They recaptured Gobwin Knob's lost territory.

And fought all the way to Expository Bridge, the last point defending Jetstone's capital city.

Narrator: Currently the site of an awkward family reunion.