Book 2/Page 198/Transcript

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(Eyebook) LordHamster: Son of a bitch. Did you cut my call?

(Eyebook) CharlsNChrg: Use the spell now.
Go home.

(Eyebook) LordHamster: How much control do you have on our comms?

(Eyebook) LordHamster: I couldn't if I wanted to. No caster.

(Eyebook) CharlsNChrg: That's too bad. I spent a lot of time on it.
Did you try casting it yourself?

(Eyebook) LordHamster: Get off the line!

(Eyebook) CharlsNChrg: Not gonna happen.
I need you gone, one way or the other.
Either GTFO or DIAF, your choice.

(Eyebook) LordHamster: Chuck you, Farley. Why are you so afraid of me?
Cause you know I'm gonna find a way out and come after you now.
Raze the city or something.

(Eyebook) CharlsNChrg: Try it. Hex would still be in inferno.
You'd still have no move. You still burn.

(Eyebook) LordHamster: I'll claim the capital and start a new side, then.

(Eyebook) CharlsNChrg: If the summoning spell would let you. Maybe.
You'd still be off turn, though. Still inferno.

(Eyebook) LordHamster: Yeah but I'd have a portal open to the MK. The city burns, but I get out.

(Eyebook) CharlsNChrg: Okay, true. So you are the only Gobwin Knob unit in Spacerock right now?

(Eyebook) LordHamster:

(Eyebook) CharlsNChrg: If you go barbarian to found a side, then you can't claim the capital site if there are units of another side there.
Like, say, Gobwin Knob's decrypted troops and red dwagons.

(Eyebook) LordHamster: I know, shut up.

(Eyebook) CharlsNChrg: Look, I'm calling in 1 of the calculations you owe me.
Figure out the odds of success for casting that spell on yourself.
Then try it. It's really your only option.
Otherwise... as you say, GG.
Better luck next life.