Book 2/Page 196/Transcript

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Parson Gotti: You!!

Slately: Uhhh...

Parson Gotti: Come here, you little shit!

Slately: Uahh!

SFX: Break King Back[1]

Parson Gotti: Wait!
Don't die yet! Wait, What were you doing?
Why'd you change your capital?

Slately: To... trap you.

Slately: To burn you. Nothing more.
For... Ansom.
For Jetstone.
For Charlescomm too, I suppose.

Parson Gotti: Charlescomm...

Slately: His idea.
You're as doomed as I, now.
The garrison is an inferno.
Go on, Hamster. Take your prize.

Parson Gotti: Yeah. I will.

SFX: Glump


Parson Gotti: That's our livery.
We took the city, I guess.

Antium: Yes, Chief Warlord.
But it is an inferno now.
So... we will perish here.

Parson Gotti: No, dude. Uh-uh.
Charlie doesn't get to win.

Parson Gotti: Y'know...
Okay, where I'm from, we've got a powerful magic word...