Book 2/Page 192/Transcript

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Slately: You were always so kind to me, Holly.
Even at my very lowest.
Even at my worst.
I used you foolishly. I risked you when I ought to've kept you close.
I wish-

Slately: Well, what I wish no longer matters.
I have done my part. I hope it's been enough.
If it has, then I shall see you very soon now.


Sylvia: That's it?

Sylvia: So I win?!

Sylvia: Ahahahhh-


Jack Snipe: Any special tactics in mind?

Parson Gotti: No. Kill them and don't die.

Jack: Seems sound.

Antium: It's just up ahead, Lord!

Parson Gotti: It'd be different if you had juice. Or if Wanda was here.
I never thought to ask if you're any good in a melee fight. Are you?

Jack Snipe: Only in theory.
I did train under a certain smashing warlady you might reca-


Antium: Explosion in the target area!

Parson Gotti: Arright. Well...
Let's get in there.
Uh, advance.

Parson Gotti: Nice.
God, this is unreal.