Book 2/Page 190/Transcript

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Slately: Charlescomm...

Slately: Charlie! Answer me, now!
I am ready!
I sit upon the throne!

Charlie's Archon: Charlie is monitoring the situation, Your Majesty, and your call is important to us.
Please hold.

Slately: Why-


Parson Gotti: They set their own capital on fire?

Antium: I would say it was our doing.

Jack Snipe: Lady Sylvia, in the Atrium, with the dwagons.

Parson Gotti: I didn't order that.
Why would she do that?

Antium: To smoke out the hidden enemy units in the garrison. Or perhaps to counter an enemy rush.

Jack Snipe: Or to see the pretty flames?

Parson Gotti: Arright then.
Difficulty Level: Shit's On Fire.
When a city is burning, you either put it out or you get out, before it reaches inferno level.
And if it's uncontrolled, then you can't put it out, unless you control the city.

Jack Snipe: Mm.

Jack Snipe: "Get out" is no option.
It's not our turn.
Nothing here has any move.

Parson Gotti: Well. It's an option for you and me.
We can go right back through that portal if we have to.


Parson Gotti: "Coss it's a trap."