Book 2/Page 188/Transcript

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Parson Gotti: How bout some Predictamancy, Marie.
Is this a trap?

Marie Lavraie: Coss it's a trap.
You'll go anyway.

Parson: Mm.
Will I win?

Marie: Yes, eventually.
Today, it's just anotha battle.

Lord Ace Hardware: I don't have a lof of time, Cubs.
But I can definitely...
add one feature to this puppy.

Gonna call it "an autopilot."

Ace: I know you can't hear me. But that was a real brave thing you did on the tower.
Couldn't letcha do that without paying you back.

Jetstone needs you more'n me, buddy.

Ace: I owe ya a salute, too.
Get to Pierce.

He'll fix you up!

Ace: Now I got this battle to lea–


Ace: Aaahhgh!

Lady Sylvia Lazarus: Hey, Fate!
Well played!

Sylvia (off-panel): "This was an excellent time to give me back my Chief Warlord bonus!"

Parson: Jack. What are you doing here?

Jack Snipe: Well, I've missed our wargames.

Haven't you?

Parson: No, I mean I wasn't supposed to take any casters with me.
And I thought you were out of Juice, anyway.

Jack: Indeed.
I am.

Jack: So I can only conclude that I must have used a trick of some sort.
Have you met this fellow Antium?

Jack: High level warlord.
Knows the city.
Very useful man to stack with.

Do you smell smoke?