Book 2/Page 187/Transcript

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Lady Sylvia Lazarus: Stab... trample... burn... and eat... everything.
Until we get to the Dollamancer.

Ace Hardware: Here he is!
Little buddy![1]

Ace Hardware: C'mon, get this stuff offa him.
Dig him out.

Ace Hardware: Hurry up, I think she's mad now.

Ace Hardware: Screen me, all right?
Keep tryin' ta hit her.

Ace Hardware: No wait, wait!
Get that guy instead!
That warlord! He's goin' after the king!

Slately-Ditto: We've made it!

Count Downer: Never say that.

Count Downer: There're a lot of stairs and halls ahea— Uck.

Slately-Ditto: Count Downer!

Slately-Ditto: Titans, he's—

SFX: SpaceRock BOULDER [2]

Captain Archer: Um, Ziggy says... there's a 97 percent chance that this...
...was a Luckamancy repayment.[3]

Decrypted Fodder: Augh!

Firewheels: Eat hot cameo![4]

Sylvia: Pretty.