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Maggie: I concede that this action is reckless, hasty, possibly unnecessary...
Arguably quite foolhardy...

Parson: Keep digging. There's a "but" in there, somewhere.

Maggie: But he needs this.

If he's to do anything else, including defeating Charlie, then he must first do this.

So you must allow it!
That history might proceed, stand aside!

Abner Washboard: So it's the Thinkamancers that are to blame for him. They're protecting him, and lying about what he really is!
And right now, they are negotiating a deal to let the warlord pass through the portal!

Phillip: Yes they are!

Phillip: And they're going to reach one! And then he's going through!
So everyone can go home. You know how it ends now.

Marie: Hush, Phillip.
No spoilahs.

Jojo: Yes?

Jojo: Um...


Isaac: I have an announcement. The warlord will pass through the enemy portal.

Phillip: Toldja!

Isaac: No casters will be allowed to pass through.

Off-the-shoulder Caster: No!

Green Disco Caster: No!

Third Caster: No, he won't!

Sean Mattox: Not without a fight.

Tracy: Attempting that is an act of war.

We don't need an enforcement council; we will answer in kind!

Parson: I'm about done playing Magic: the Gathering[1] here, Marie.

Screen me. I'm going.

Marie: Don't.

You'll be shot down.

Marie: This isn't the moment. Wait for one last thing.

Marie (off panel): "One last thing.

Here it comes."