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Parson: I am going through the portal, Isaac.
Get your people out of my way.

Isaac: Lord Hamster, I am not the Ruler of all Thinkamancers in the Magic Kingdom. We act by consensus.
The decision to detain you was a deliberate and thoughtful one, reached after a great deal of consideration and discussion.

Maggie: I was not consulted.

Isaac: Yes, and for that we do apologize, Maggie.

Parson: I'm going.
The portal.

Roger Victor Clarence: We do not see the need.

Roger Victor Clarence: Especially if you have no plan.

Archer: What are you doing down here?

Antium: I am awaiting the Chief Warlord.
In the absence of any orders, I shall continue to do so.
What are you doing?

Archer: Seek and destroy.
Looking for hidden units in the garrison. Seen any?

Antium: That should have been done before now…

Antium: I know that there is a Doll on display in the throne room. King Slately kept it for sentimental reasons.

Archer: Thanks.

Tisha: We can stop you.

Jintao: We can drop you where you stand.

A.V. Club: We don't feel you've made your case, Lord Hamster.

Pamelor: Yes. This action seems reckless and unnecessary.

Maggie: I will make his case! You should have consulted me!

Maggie: You do not know this man. You do not know what makes him so remarkable.
He is not from reality. Do you understand?

Maggie: War is an abstraction to him. He was popped to imagine fighting, not to fight! He finds the taking of lives abhorrent.
… As I suppose arguably we all should. But he cannot unlock his potential until he comes to terms with the concrete realities of war.
You cannot expect him to be the perfect warlord until he can be a warlord at all.

Messenger: Report from Captain Archer, Warlady.

Sylvia: 'Bout time! They're mustering a big counterattack out there.
Spill it.

Messenger (off panel): "He says they've done a fairly thorough mop-up and eliminated a score of enemy stragglers in the garrison. But obviously, something is well-hidden. He thinks maybe to search the tower rubble?"

Sylvia (off panel): "No, they'll be attacking any minute. Tell him his time's up."

Sylvia: … Literally.
Gimme a stack of reds!!