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King Slately: I must speak with Charlescomm.
Whatever else is –
Whatever I am.

Tramennis: Yes, of course.
Take the call, Sire.
I've a charge to assemble.

Tramennis: Lloyd! What have you done?

Lloyd: What have I done? What could I do?
What could I do?

Pierce: Everybody did the best they could up there, Your Highness. His Majesty insisted on fighting.

Ace: Yeah, Lloyd prob'ly saved the Kingdom.

Tramennis: Saved...
Saved for how long?

Charlie: King Slately.
It's been a while for you and me...
Although I did talk with your son Prince Tramennis this morning.

Slately: I know. And we've done the work you requested, Charlie.
In fact, I did it personally.

Slately: We now stand in urgent need of immediate payment for those services, if you please.

Charlie: You don't look well, Your Highness.
You don't really look like yourself.

Slately: Yes, I... just received some rather difficult news.
But that needn't concern you.

Charlie: It was a joke. Cruel one, I'll admit. But I'm saying, let's not play games right now, King For a Day. Yes, I'm ready to help you.
I've saved Jetstone twice in this battle, and I'll do it again. But don't be cagey with me; time is short.
Yours, in particular.

Slately: Then it is true. I am the double.
And you know...
How could you know?

Charlie: Yes it is true, and yes I do know, and this conversation will go much faster if you'll assume I know everything, and don't ask me how.
Did you read the dossier I sent you?

Slately: On Stanley's Lord... Parson of Hamster?
Yes... Although I didn't find it compelling, or particularly remarkable.

Charlie: I was trying to spell it out for you. He's the real threat to Royal supremacy.
Not me. Not even Stanley or the Croakamancer.

Slately: That was not apparent from what you sent us.

Charlie: Is it apparent now that he has croaked you?
You and another of your sons? He's been very hard on the Jetstone clan, hasn't he?
That's no coincidence.

Charlie: He's about to wipe out your side if you don't do something about it.
Your Fate is already sealed.
When Jetstone's next turn starts, you will vanish.
But in a way, that frees you.
For this one day, you can change the Fate of the whole world.

Slately: What must I do? To save Jetstone?
Tell me, Charlie, and I will believe you.

Charlie: It's simple.

Charlie: We kill the fat man.