Book 2/Page 168/Transcript

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Tracy: Excuse me...

Phillip: Oh, pardon us.
Getting crowded.

Phillip: We'll make some room for you.

Isaac: Hold on just a moment.

Tracy: The word is, that warlord is back.

Jeftichew (offscreen): He is!

Jeftichew: And he wants to go through this portal.
To attack an enemy city, off-turn!

Maggie: Lord, perhaps it would be better for me to go there in person. The situation is increasingly complex.

Stanley: No. I don't wanna have all four of my casters and my Chief Warlord in the Magic Kingdom at the same time.
It's too risky.

Maggie: But I can help him, Lord. Please.
The battle is going against us.
Time is very tight.

Stanley: Arright, but if it all goes bad, I'm blaming you. Understand?

Maggie: Yes, Lord.
Thank you, Lord.

Isaac: Yes, well we're not going to let that happen.

Phillip: Sure you are! I so Predict it.
And we're here to help him do it.

Tracy: ... Help him?

Jeftichew: Rethink it, friend. We came here to stop him.
We're spreading the alarm all over the island.

Isaac: That isn't necessary. He's under our protection.

Parson: No, I'm not.
N'you should move aside now, Isaac.

Stanley: Don't think I wouldn't disband a caster!
If I think you're pulling something fishy, I'll do it like that. Don't test me.


Stanley: And, uh... Maggie.
Good luck!

Stanley: See, ya gotta encourage your people.
That's a big part of leadership.
That went really well, I think.

Zhopa: Mm.