Book 2/Page 157/Transcript

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Parson: Jack, what are you doing?

Jack: Oh, that'll be evident in just a few mo–


Parson: Jack!

Isaac: Look out...

Parson: Holy shit!

Jack: Tut, Good Lord! Don't yell your fool head off.
T'wasn't that impressive.
But it was the last of my juice.
How'd we do?

Parson: How'd you do?
You scared the crap out of me!

Jack: Excellent!

Marie: Wanda!

Jack: Sizemore, there's a new unit to be made in the Chief Warlord's trousers.

Wanda: I didn't expect you.

Marie: He's glorious, Wanda.

Parson: Look. I'm glad to see you, but I didn't order you guys here.

Jack: Feared it was the only side of the portal to meet you on.
... if we were ever to meet at all.

Parson: Really? Why?

Jack: Because the King is in his tower.
And the tower's coming down.

Parson: What we're attacking the tower? I didn't order that, either.

Jack: Some Fool thought it wise at the time, my Good Lord.
He hopes you won't... er, bite his head off.

Isaac: Warlord...

Parson: Shut up, arright?
Talk to you in a second.

Parson: Thissis... not good.
Wanda, If you're here, the Decrypted don't have your bonus, right?
And who's in charge there now? Sylvia?
What is this gonna do to our situation in the city, Wanda?

Parson (voice only): "... Wanda?"