Book 2/Page 156/Transcript

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Slately: You do not know!

If you did, you would not serve Stanley!

You would turn back to me now!

Ossomer: No, isn't possible.

Ace: Highness! We're ready!

Ossomer: But Father, I do yet know honor.

Slately: Then show me this much, son.

Stay right where you are now.

Slately: Stand fast, and be speedily dispatched!

Maggie: ... which I would consider a reasonable compromise. Now wouldn't you agree?

Phillip: Hi guys! What's going on here?

Roger Victor Clarence: It's not any of your business, Predictamancer.

Maggie: Yes, we're --

Oh dear.

Stanley: Maggie! What's going on here? Where's Hamster?

Ace: So, the armor plate will let you fly at will, Sire.

Cubbins: And the crown's a Thinking Cap. They can't fool or confound you.

Slately: I see.

Ace: The scepter's ranged Shockamancy, like Ossomer's bracer. Hold it this way...

Ace: And the cape will negate one blast.

Slately: Mm, and what about war paint?
I told you I want fearsome Signamancy!
To face the enemy – or the Titans – as the warrior leader I ought to have been all along!

Either Ace or Cubbins: Oh, I've .. Uh, already taken the liberty, Your Highness.

Parson: What's going on here ?
Why did Maggie break her call?

Isaac: Warlord, we're not prepared to bargain over this.
Now, please...

Jack Snipe: Ah, hello again! What's going on here?

Sylvia: D'you lazy monsters call yourselves seige?
C'mon, what's going on here?
Breathe !

purple dwagon: SNIFFFFFT

Sound Effect: Boom !

Sound Effect: Crack !

Sound Effect: Crumble !