Book 2/Page 152/Transcript

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Sound: BOOM

Cubbins: Sire, I can help too. Hand me your crown.

Sound (partly visible, in background): B[OOM]

Slately: Pierce! Take Elliott and get all top units inside.

Mount them on the Unipegataurs.

Save three for us.

Sound (in the background): [BO]OM

Pierce: Yeah.


Lloyd: You!



Go, go!

Doubletime it!

Slately: Hurry, Dollamancer.

Ace: Okay, your weapon's ready.

Gimme your robe now.

Sound (in background): BOOM

Sound (in foreground): THREE QUIET[1]

Ace: I'm thinkin' just defense for these, Cubbins.

Cubbins: Yeah, me too.

Slately: Have they ceased?

Ace: I'm just doin' blasts. You cover the tricky-fooly stuff, okay?

Cubbins: Okay, Ace...
Caution, Highness!

Slately: Caution won't save me.

King Slately: What is happening?

Ossomer: The Countess Artemis led a charge to halt the siege.

Slately (off panel): "Did she."

Ossomer (off panel): "She did.

And then she fell."

Ossomer (off panel): "It was...

It was a powerful act of valor.

A very deep and Noble sacrifice."

Slately: Pah. What would you know of such things now, enemy puppet?

Ossomer: I do!

I still know.

Sound: BOOM