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Wanda: No luck?

Jack: Mnn.

Feels like she's on another call.

Wanda: Lord Parson has had more than adequate time to make the run, though.

Jack: Indeed. Even on his legs.

Antium: Forgive me, Mistress.

But who is "Lord Parson?"

Wanda: Parson Gotti, Lord Hamster. Your Chief Warlord.

Jack: You lucky tool.

Wanda: He has the ability to cross through the Magic Kingdom.

Jack: Among other adroit tricks.

But he is late in arriving to host this social event.

Wanda: Would an eyebook message distract him, do you think?

Antium: I see.

Jack (out of frame): Possibly so. If he's in combat... or on the other end of that call.

Antium: *ahem*

Lord Parson is only Level 2, is he not?

Antium: Perhaps if it were Ansom, I could understand waiting...

Jack: Ansom. Yes, pity we lost him.

Don't you think?

Wanda: Disband yourself.

Antium: I only mean, is so modest a bonus worth withholding from the fight for this long?

Wanda: Yes.

Jack: Yes.

It is worth waiting for the Good Lord Hamster.

Not solely for his Chief Warlord bonus but more because he is a lateral thinker.

Antium (out of frame): I don't know what that means.

Jack: Well. It means...

Jack: That he looks for solutions outside the obvious parameters.


Something very simple.

Tisha: If he does pass through to an enemy city, it will invite reprisal, Maggie.

Roger Victor Clarence: Is a war in the Magic Kingdom what he wants?

Maggie: I don't know.

But if you hold him there, you are inviting the same result.

Factions will form, for and against him.

For and against you...

Jack: Hello. (Musical note)

By any chance have you seen my Chief Warlord?

Jack: Little fellow?

Bit smaller than a palace?

Oh there's our Thinkamancer. I'll just ask her.