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Marie: Come on now, we should hurry.

This won't be easy.

Parson: Sizemore, what does this spell do?

Sizemore: It's... Carnymancy, that's all I can tell.

That usually means bad news, though.

Janis: What did he say it would do?

Parson: Um...

He said it would send me home.

Marie: Home!

Marie: You ahh home, Chief Wahload. You know that? Yes. You do.

Ask your heart, it knows.


Say you've found the fust honest Connymancer in the world, and this spell really works, so what?

Marie: You have a home now, and friends.

You want to leave them in trouble?

You have a job to do!

And today, you ahh late for work, ahh you not?

Parson: Yeah, I guess so.

Marie: You know so. It's your Duty.

Capital "D."

Parson: Right.

I got places to go, people to kill...

Marie: Thot's the spirit.

Sound: Ground Up

Isaac: Parson Gotti?

We are friends!

We received word from your Thinkamancer you'd be coming.

Isaac: The Magic Kingdom is a very dangerous place for you.

So we are placing you under our protection.

Parson: Um...

And Maggie arranged this?

Isaac: Yes.

Please ally and stack with us.

And then follow me to the Temple of the Thinkamancers.

Parson: No, that's not the plan. I'm—

Isaac: It's not optional, Chief.

I'm very sorry...

Isaac: We'd really rather not do this by force.

Parson: Start over, Mr. Rogers, Maggie did what now?