Book 2/Page 138/Transcript

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Tramennis: Stairs, tower, King, return. Take him even if he protests!

...Especially if he protests.

For Jetstone!

Knights of Jetstone: For Jetstone!

Knights of Jetstone: For Jetstone!


Sylvia: There's some timing.


Sylvia: Inhale!

Parson: ...

Um ...

Parson: Whoa.

Sound: PLOTZ

Stanley: Hamster?

Old lady caster: Warlord!

Right there, See him?

Off panel caster: Hey!

Off panel caster: Hey stop!

Parson: And ...

... cue the Benny Hill music.

Tramennis: All speed now! Go!

Long haired Knight: For the King!


Sound: SONIC Drive-In[1]

Horned skullcap Knight: Oh no.

Red haired Knight: Highness?

Resolute Knight: He's down.

Take him and fall back!