Book 2/Page 130/Transcript

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Maggie: "My Lord, Progrock is under attack by Faq units.

We're badly outmatched. The city is certain to fall."

Parson: "Okay, well... that's too bad, I guess."

Parson: 'Mean, there's nothing we can do about it, right?

Take the loss.

Parson: "They do have their Ruler out on a raiding party, so I guess next turn we'll have to see if we can hunt her down and end that whole side."

Parson: If I'm dead next turn, tell my replacement to put a priority on that.

Maggie: Of course, Lord.

Caesar: You see what's goin' on here.

That is a losing fight.

Caesar: And it shouldn't be our fight, necessarily. You know what I'm sayin'?

Benjamin: We've thrown a lot of money into it, Caesar.

Dewy Tulips: Thown[sic] away.

Blonde Punster: Yeah, from our throne to their thrones.

Caesar: You gotta tell him no, Benjamin.

He ain't gonna disband a caster.

I'll stand with you.

Benjamin: He'd disband you, though.

He'd love an excuse, I bet.

Dewy Tulips: I'm with ya, Caesar. He can disband us both.

Leather Valese: Yeah.

Not even watching: Me too, Chief.

Fat Bald Warlord: Mm-hm.