Book 2/Page 126/Transcript

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Prince Tramennis: Send the King the all clear.

Tell him hurry.

Wanda: We must take the portal room.

Which way?

Antium: The back way. We've-

They've... barricaded access to the tower stair from here.

Jack: No worry.

We have lots of siege.

Jack: In fact, with the King still up there...

Jack: I'd suggest using the purples to bring it down.

Checkmate, wouldn't it be?

Sylvia: Pretty thought. Do we have the orders?

Wanda: You have my orders.

Stay here and bring down the tower.

Wanda: You. Stack up every tunnel-capable unit and lead us down by "the back way."

Antium: Yes, mistress

Caesar: Awww, yeah they're in some deep crap now.


Caesar: I'd say they gotta rush that Atrium with everything they've got, all at once, or they're just feedin' the enemy new units.

Dewy Tulips: Mm.

Not even watching: Oh, wow. Yeah...

Caesar: Doll, set up their garrison in triple scale.

Dungeon here...


... tower here.

Caesar: And how's our intel?

Can we tell how many units survived that fall, Don?

Caesar: Don..?

Don King: We'll return in a minute, Caesar.

Carry on.