Book 2/Page 116/Transcript

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Sylvia: Croaking is an art, like everything else...
I do it ex-HHEP[1]-tionally well...[2]

Sound: FRAG

Prince Tramennis: No, I said only the yellows!

Why are other colors falling?


Parson: And there goes Wanda.

And Jack. I really hope this works.

Sizemore: What's happening?

Parson: The dwagons with heavy riders are sinking to the ground. And I've got the other riders harvesting their mounts for food provisions.

Sizemore: In mid-air?

Parson: Yeah.

Some of them will survive the fall and end up in the Court area.

Parson: "Wanda needs to be one of the survivors. If she is, then she can get up and decrypt all of our casualties and theirs.

If not... you're off the hook.

Parson: "There'll be no point in going through the Magic Kingdom."

Parson: "If we lose Wanda, we lose the battle."