Book 2/Page 114/Transcript

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Sound: S-BOMB

Hobgobwin: Target unled infantry!

Captain Price: Evacuate the Atrium?


Adam Antium: Not until we have orders!

Stand firm! Croak any fallen riders!

King Slately: Of all the incomprehensible gall!

Sound: S-BOMB


King Slately: All units! Destroy the enemy flyers!

Prince Tramennis: No! Belay that!

Archers hold!

Prince Tramennis: Casters! Shoot down the yellows only!

Use only stored spells from the tower! Save your own juice. No scrolls!

And evacuate the Atrium!

Prince Tramennis: And *I* am Chief Warlord, Father.

King Slately: Yes, very well.

But explain yourself, Warlord.

Prince Tramennis: Right. Look, with holes in the roof, we would be risking friendly casualties with arrows. At least until the Court area is evacuated...

King Slately: No, I meant why only yellows!

Why not the witch and the rest?

Prince Tramennis: Oh.

Prince Tramennis: He is posturing, Father. Trying to unsettle us.

Showing his contempt by doing the only thing he can, while he can.

Prince Tramennis: So we will wait out his tantrum, and tack on the damage in reparations.

And this is your way now, is it Ossomer?

Ossomer: I am... truly sorry, brother.

I will withdraw.

Prince Tramennis: No you will hold your position, "brother!"

I will be speaking with your Chief Warlord presently!

Maggie: The tower is engaging the yellow dwagon stacks, Lord. We've lost four... now five...

Parson: Arright, perfect.

I hereby promote all of our Hobgobwin units in the airspace to heavy units.

Parson: "Give Wanda the 'go' order.

Tell her: let's do lunch."